Vanilka – Vanilla planifolia

Location of: It comes from Mexico, currently growing in the rainforests and humid tropical forests around the world. Due to economic use is plantation grown and sustained manner to other crop plants.

Brief description of: Vanilla is the orchid, of which is obtained by fermentation of natural vanillin. This epiphytic liana has a relatively rigid stem, oblong leaves and fleshy aerial roots, through which captures air humidity. In good conditions for growing relatively rapidly, Strong plants often grow 20 to 30 cm per month. It grows to a length of more than 10 meters, ramify only rarely. It blooms with green flowers, to life only a few days. Sexually maturing age 3 – 4 years.

Method of production: Vanilla can be grown in normal room conditions. It is easy to land, best is lighter garden mix with a higher content of peat. Since the, that it is the Liana, in pots or in the vicinity of the plant is a good place suitable support. Strong hot sun it can cause burns in the enclosed form of dried leaves on the surface, therefore it is suitable to grow in the stands with scattered light. It can be grown in dry block of flats, higher air humidity or dew regularly but it is good. The food is inexpensive, is sufficient fertilized several times a year, or the slow-acting fertilizer spring. Waterlogging of the substrate can cause fungal diseases attack prejavujúcimi will rot the roots or leaves fľakatením. If we want to, the vanilla bliss, recommended to change seasonally dry and wet conditions and also allow the plant to grow upward at least 2 m. The production of vanilla should be avoided air temperature drops below 15 ° C.

Attractions: Vanilla is very suitable for terrarium, where forest species are bred lizards and snakes.

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