Production in the background akvaterária


The production has been used used aquarium dimensions 180x60x55 cm. First we removed a firming top bar. The tank was placed filter chamber, occupying the entire left wall. Was then inserted and glued with silicone precisely measured polystyrene forming the bottom wall of the living area and tank. Next, cut air intake and outlet opening filter chambers, hose attached and glued glass separating land from water surface. Groove carved in the back, it fitted into the drain hose from the filter chambers, which was then taped a thin layer of polystyrene. They were subsequently cut off the protruding part of the relief over the next …

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Breeding fish feed


The breeding of some species of reptiles is necessary to ensure a continuous supply of live fish feed. It is very important especially when rybožravých turtles and serpents, or in animals derived from trapping of Nature, the dead food, or sliced ​​pieces of meat taken. The selection of the species is necessary to know the needs of, terms of the number and size of fish needed to ensure the smooth density. It is also necessary to consider the difficulty of breeding the species, their overall size in adulthood and thus growth rate, number of pups, cannibalism or possible. Because of cannibalism is not very …

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Vanilka – Vanilla planifolia


Location of: It comes from Mexico, currently growing in the rainforests and humid tropical forests around the world. Due to economic use is plantation grown and sustained manner to other crop plants. Brief description of: Vanilla is the orchid, of which is obtained by fermentation of natural vanillin. This epiphytic liana has a relatively rigid stem, oblong leaves and fleshy aerial roots, through which captures air humidity. In good conditions for growing relatively rapidly, Strong plants often grow 20 to 30 cm per month. It grows to a length of more than 10 meters, ramify only rarely. It blooms with green flowers, to …

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